30-04-2002 Version 0.7
  • Porting to Kde 3
  • Porting scripts to Autoconf 2.5x and Automake 1.5
  • Correct bug in songs order of Local Playlist
  • Include iostream into export.cpp for compatibility with gcc 3.x
11-03-2002 Version 0.6.1
  • Correct a compilation problem on some systems
  • Updated configure script for a better search of libvorbis and libogg (now it report their absence)
08-03-2002 Version 0.6
  • Updated German translation
  • Support for Ogg file (editor for ogg tag isn't implemented yet), it requires LibVorbis and LibOgg
  • Update selection mode (now selection with Ctrl key works)
  • Added history and completion mode in Add Mp3 and Add Volume windows
  • Support for text & number as genre in id3 V2.x (mp3kult v0.5 read & writed only number as genre)
  • Corrected length calculation for vbr mp3s (with xing tag)
  • Added ability to find in closed volumes (tree view mode)
  • Added Database creation from Mp3Kult (at the first start, without mp3kultdb script)
  • Corrected the problem with --with-mysql-libs, --with-mysql-includes, --with-id3-includes, --with-id3-libs configure options.
15-10-2001 Version 0.5
  • French and German translations
  • Added Tree View mode (try it!)
  • Some Bugs fix
  • Changed functions to play songs and add songs to playlist
  • Now Mp3Kult saves the column sorting
  • Added a function to rename the volumes and the playlists
  • Fixed the bug with some tags
29-08-2001 Version 0.4
  • Bugs fix
  • Added Italian translation
  • Added mp3tag v 1.1 & 2.x support (don't forget to run update script !)
  • A new function to import an m3u in a new playlist
  • Added remote DataBase support
  • Mp3Kult now requires Id3Lib
17-04-2001 Version 0.3
  • Mp3Kult doesn't crash trying to add a directory not readable
  • Added a button to play current Playlist
  • Added a little tag editor
  • Now Adding, Removing, Updating volume is faster
  • Mp3Kult can export the list of mp3s to html file
  • Export function can use a template that contains tag in a new line (see template example)
  • Can create m3u files from main list or playlists
  • Added new mp3 file types
17-04-2001 Version 0.2
  • Mp3Kult doesn't crash if it find a zero byte mp3
  • Before adding cdrom the pointer changes into arrow
  • Renamed "createdb" script into "mp3kultdb", to resolve confict problem with an Postgres file
  • Rewrited debug output
  • Added Playlist status, it says if mp3's are accessible
  • Mp3Kult is able to add and remove all selected songs from/to playl
  • Correct a bug in copy command of Local Playlist function
  • Now, songs are enqueued, when added to a playlist
  • Mp3Kul can move all selected songs up/down in playlis
12-04-2001 Version 0.1
  • First Release