You must install Mysql Before installing Mp3Kult !
After type in Mp3Kult directory:

./configure --prefix=(your kde path)

And as root

make install

If it's the first time you install Mp3Kult, it will ask you some informations to create the database. You can also create the database using mp3kultdb script (as root), before launching Mp3Kult.

(If you have installed rpm version "mp3kultdb" is located in Mp3Kult document directory)
Upgrade from 0.3
For old user, before running Mp3Kult you must type (as root) "./mp3kultdb-update-0.3" to update your database.

(if you have installed a package version type "mp3kultdb-update-0.3" is located in Mp3Kult document directory)
Kde 2.1 or newer.
Mysql 3.22.32 or newer,
Id3Lib 3.7.13 or newer,
LibOgg and LibVorvis
Carlos Laviola for debian package!
Philippe Lebon for translation into French
Christian Mayr for translation into German
Stefano Brustia