Mp3Kult is an application for KDE 3 (K Desktop Environment).

Mp3Kult organizes your mp3/ogg collection in a Mysql database.
It can read Mp3/Ogg Tag and song information (length, bit rate sample rate etc.), make playlists, play song with an external player (xmms, gqmpeg), find a song in database,(base and advanced search) and make a copy of a playlist on your hard disk (to play the playlist without inserting cdroms).
Mp3Kult can scan recursivly directories, looking for mp3/ogg and automatically mount, umount, eject cdroms before/after job.


This version is a simple porting to Kde 3.0 with little bugfix. Scripts for autoconf and automake are ported to 2.5/1.5 versions, I think the problems for Suse users are fixed.
Wait for next version for new features, ogg tag editor, support for genres defined by users (not winamp genres only)...

A new release, it fix a compilation problem on some systems (I hope) I've updated configure script for a better search of libvorbis and libogg (now it report their absence) also.

I've finally realeased new Mp3Kult version. Now Mp3Kult supports ogg files (testing), it requires LibOgg and LibVorbis. I haven't implemented ogg tag editor yet. Mp3Kult creates the database at the first start now, you mustn't use the mp3kultdb script no more.\n This version takes me much time, I'm very busy, and my pc is very slow (an old P166 that takes me 32 minutes to make Mp3Kult) :(

Fixed Edit Tag Bug, you can download the patch

Mp3Kult 0.5 is out, added Tree View mode (like konqueror) !

Please, use id3lib-3.7.13 to compile Mp3Kult, there's a problem with id3lib-3.8.0x

New Debian package for Mp3Kult 0.4

New Mp3Kult version is out, now are required the Id3Libs ! (The old users must update the database with "mp3kultdb-update-0.3-0.4") For Bug, Suggestions etc. use the forum, thanks.

I apologize for delay of new version, I'm trying to fix the bug with kde 2.2 :(

Debian package of Mp3Kult ! Thank you Carlos !

Updated rpm packages, into mp3kult-0.3-1.*.rpm an icon was missing ! Download the new version (mp3kult-0.3-2.*.rpm) !

New Mp3Kult Version 0.3. New featurs, look at ChangeLog section ! For Export function using a template, see template example file (for rpm users is into doc directory /usr/doc/mp3kult-0.x)

IMPORTANT: For a crash of my system, I've lost all files ! If you did not receive a reply of your mails, resend them, please :)

Released Version 0.2

First Release